Zero Waste Red Blue Yellow Digital Print Modal Kimono Wrap Shrug

Modal Zero waste Kimono Wrap Coat, Fringed Shrug Duster ,Blue Red Yellow Digital Print Long Cover Up


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Product Description

This striking Kimono Wrap Shrug Duster Jacket Coat I made from a fantastic car boot/trunk find of an incredible pile of digital printed modal fabric with cashmere which makes it incredible soft and light.

Modal is a type of rayon fabric that is made specifically from the fibers of the beech tree.
The term rayon applies to fabric or fibers made of the wood pulp from any type of tree. Rayon is not usually considered a totally natural fiber because the wood pulp from the tree is heavily processed using a number of chemicals. However, the company that developed modal promises 95 percent of the production materials used to make modal are reclaimed helping to reduce emissions and conserve natural resources

Pale Blue Fringing at the hem

Can also be worn upside down with the Fringing around the neck and tied at the waist

One Size

Additional Information

Weight 0.8 kg