Since I was a teenage punk making my own clothes I have often been on the receiving end of complimentary comments on how I look,my creative skills and what I am wearing but until recently I have experienced a long felt terror of stepping up to the screen to share or speak out loud about what I have to offer to the world SO…..

To kick off 2015 with a proverbial kick up the ass I decided to face my fears and travel down to Totnes,Devon to participate in an amazing workshop run by my good friends Caroline Carey (Movement Medicine Teacher) and Ben Cole (Film director -1 Giant Leap)
We were guided through a series of exercises designed to help us get out of our heads and drop into our bodies,played with processes that made us aware of how we try to get attention and were given space to discover how to connect with what we really want to share with the world from our hearts not our heads…..
For me it was incredibly challenging and yet ultimately so beautifully rewarding
I met some amazing inspiring souls and was profoundly moved by the sharing of our vulnerabilities and strengths with humour and humility…..
So after cringing through 6 views of my final film I am releasing it to the world at large on my own 7th view,which I am assured by Ben will finally look to me how it will to others who view me….Here goes….