My work tends to evolve in a very organic way, only loosely following the seasons in fashion, largely because it I what I find on my travels , in vintage or charity shops , at car boots or jumble sales, that dictates what garment is born.

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P1040525In winter I work mainly with Knitwear: Arran sweaters, lambs wool and cashmere .The pieces I create begin life as a patchwork, a jigsaw puzzle on the cutting table with myself in the middle of a reverie, dreaming until the shape jumps into a jumper jacket, curves into a cardigan coat or slips into a skirt. They are very much one offs with a signature cut or detail such as suede appliqué sheepskin collar or cuff trim , buttons , lace , Rajasthan mirrored pieces woven into the design .The latest addition to my repurposeful resources is to upcycle vintage blankets into Jackets


 In summer my passion turns to piecing together vintage silk scarves with chiffon and plain silk to make a limited run of fabric as little as 5m,out of which will come 3 or 4 unrepeatable pieces. Here I can repeat shapes and patterns but the fabric colours and prints will never be repeated in the same garment. I also turn my hand to refashioned T-shirts reincarnating as dresses and trousers magic’d out of Men’s shirts.

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Working in this way fuels constant change and challenge to interpret something old into a new life and upgrading its style and desirability. I get a real kick out of finding something that fits in with previous hoarded treasure that has been waiting to be worked on. Such as the ethereal wafting Yves St Laurent silk chiffon skirt which could have only been worn by a woman on 6ft 5 or more which perfectly matched a simple crochet top I already had, and became a fabulous dress and stunning pencil skirt when I had finished with it: or the ornate detail from a 70’s dress embroidered with semi precious stones from a tiny vintage shop known as Margaret’s in Kemptown , Brighton which merged with a silk scarf from Mapusa and lives on as a unique and utterly unrepeatable halter-neck top!

In the early days when I had a stall in Portobello my clothes attracted the attention of up and coming musicians looking for an exclusive style. People such as Singer Neneh Cherry and Drum & Bass star Talvin Singh discovered my work in their search to find something that no one else would have.I now have a growing customer base internationally through my shop on Etsy and here in Brighton my most loyal customers are artists and creative friends who appreciate the work of a unique piece and can’t resist coming back for more.

Every garment has a history of its own and may even choose its own future, as each one seems to have the name of its owner invisibly sewn into it. They may wait a while before they are united, but when they find each other, it is LOVE!